The Result of Rangoli, Scenery and Flower Show
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It was a bright sunny day. All the students of the school were seen doing something. Some were hurrying up and down carrying things, some were busy preparing and still some others were busy watching. Everyone’s face glowed with enthusiasm.

Yes, it was indeed a new day for the students. We have never got to do this thing before. So everyone was excited to try out this new thing. For the first time our school organised Rangoli, Scenery making and Fresh Flower Arrangement  Competitions.

The Rangoli Making Competition was held house wise. Each house was given a large area in the hall to prepare their rangoli. The theme was “Save the Earth”. The students very beautifully showed the various hazards that befell the earth in the form of global warming, pollution, deforestation etc. It was all very colourful and full of life.

The scenery making competition was too held house wise. Students were given their areas on the stage. The theme was also similar to that of rangoli. The sceneries were really beautiful. The students gave their best. They prepared the sceneries with natural ingredients such as sand, clay, creepers etc.

The fresh flower decoration competition was an individual item. It was indeed a very beautiful item. Various meaningful themes were portrayed by arranging flower in different patterns. The programme started at about 8:40am and got over at 11:30 am. It was open to the parents and others to watch the display of discipline and such artistic creativity of the students.

This helped us greatly to improve our skills and also inspired us to try out something new. It also portrayed the artistic and the creative side of the students. We also thank and acknowledge the sincere help and guidance of our dear teachers. Being precise, these competitions have given us ample opportunity to uplift talents and skills.

Samadrita Borkotoky (IX A 38)

The Result of Rangoli Making Competition
First         Green House
Second    Blue House
Third        Red House
Fourth      Yello House

The Result of Scenery Making Competition
First          House
Second     House
Third         House
Fourth       House
First Prize winning Rangoli
Second Prize winning Rangoli
Third Prize winning Rangoli
Fourth Prize winning Rangoli